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Branco BratichWell here we go again. Another year is fast coming to the end. On behalf of all the instructors I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It has been a great year for Yoseikan. The reasons for this are many. One obvious reason is our group of dedicated instructors. This year would not have been possible without you. You have my utmost respect and appreciation. We also get so much support from Parents and Friends. This is I believe is because of the genuine support the instructors give the students.

Mitchell Durham and Andrew Bromwich attended the Junior World Karate Championship. Jazmine Stone competed in the Commonwealth Championships winning two bronze medals.
They wore the Australian tracksuit with pride and dignity.

We have big plans next year. Some of you are aware of them. I have decided to let the news travel by word of mouth. It is a fun way of communicating.

As usual we achieved outstanding results at the Australian Open.
Results Australian Open. Congratulations once again to the participants below.

Individual Female Cadets
3 Macalister Cara

Kata Individual Female Children 10 and 11 YRS
1 Boyd Tara

Kata Individual female Sen
3 Bromwich Kate

Kata Individual female U21
1 Bromwich Kate

Kata Individual Female Veterans +35 MERGED
1 Stone Jenny
2 McGuire Monica

Kumite Individual female Cadets +54

Kumite Individual female Cadets Open

Kumite Individual Female Children 11 YRS +39
3 Boyd Tara

Kumite Individual female Juniors -48
3 Oei Angela

Kumite Individual male Children +55
2 Subotic Alen

Kumite Individual male Juniors +76
1 Durham Mitchell

Kumite Individual male Juniors Open
1 Durham Mitchell

Kumite Individual male Seniors +84
1 Georgieff Angel

Kumite Individual male Seniors -67
3 Bromwich Andrew

Kumite Individual male Seniors Open
3 Georgieff Angel

Kumite Individual male U21 -67
1 Bromwich Andrew

Our Australian Open achievements were mirrored at the National Championships. Our outstanding achiever this time was Mitchell Durham. He won 4 gold medals and one bronze. very few competitors are successful in kata and kumite. Mitchell is one of a select few.

1st place DURHAM MITCHELL Kata Individual Male Juniors

1st place DURHAM MITCHELL Kumite Individual Male Juniors +76

1st place DURHAM MITCHELL Kumite Individual Male Juniors Open

1st place DURHAM MITCHELL Team-Junior Male Kumite

3rd place DURHAM MITCHELL Kata Individual Male Sen

2nd place SANFT KEIRA Kata Individual Female Children 10 and 11 YRS

2nd place STONE JAZMINE Kata Individual Female Juniors

3rd place BOON SARAH Kata Individual Female Juniors

2nd place McGUIRE MONICA Kata Individual Female Veterans 35-45

3rd place STONE JENNIFER Kata Individual Female Veterans 35-45

2nd place CLIFFORD OLIVIA Kumite Individual Female Cadets +54

3rd place BISERKO ROMANA Kumite Individual Female Seniors -61

3rd place SKEWES BLAKE Kumite Individual Male Children 11 YRS -38

3rd place BROMWICH ANDREW Kumite Individual Male U21 -67

2nd Place ANDREW BROMWICH Team-SNR Male Kumite

2nd Place MIRAGLIOTTA ANNABELLE Team-Children Female Kumite

We conducted two black belt gradings, which I have always described as the heart of Yoseikan. I continually have black belts, parents and friends telling me that it is an inspirational experience to attend. We are unique in the fact that there is no grading fee. My attitude is that getting a black belt in Yoseikan transcends commercialism. In other words you can’t buy the grading you can only get it if you are dedicated and earn it. The success rate at black belt gradings varies, generally it is about 50%. I do not see this as a negative. We have a 100% return rate for unsuccessful applicants. If the grading was easy it would not be worth having.

In addition we had 3 people achieve their Senior 3rd Dan and 2 their Senior 2nd Dan.

Alysa Byrne
Luke Hopkins
Ethan Shaw
Kaitlyn Waterman
Tegan Forrest
Seth Savage
Aiden Shearing
Mark Vaughan
Blake Skewes
Kiera Sanft
Tara Boyd
Amaan Ali

Aidan Howitt
Marisa Sanft

Tyler Lilleyman
Martin Urbanski
Joshua Lloyd
Vitomir Cucak
John McCarthy
Jason Grazia

Christopher Houghton
Melisa Hodzic

Steven Johnston
Abdul Zahra
Samir Avdic

This year with the support of Courtney Perry we made our Awards Night into a red carpet affair. Without a doubt this was one of the best events ever. The atmosphere was friendly and electric. Thanks to all the families who attended.

Congratulations to our 2015 Sports Star Award winners. You are all great role models for the next generation.

BISERKO ROMANA Senior female Kumite

BROMWICH KATE Senior women’s kata

BROMWICH KATE Under 21yrs female kata

BROMWICH ANDREW Senior men’s kumite

BROMWICH ANDREW Under 21yrs kumite

CLIFFORD OLIVIA Cadets female kumite


DURHAM MITCHELL Junior male Kata

DURHAM MITCHELL Senior male Kata

SANFT KEIRA Children’s kata

SKEWES BLAKE Children’s kumite

STONE JENNY Veteran women’s kata

STONE JAZMIN Junior female Kata Individual

Below are the quiet achievers who work their hearts out and sometimes believe that no one notices them. This is incorrect as you can see from the recipients below.

Teodora Vuckovic Trophy
Max Lyashenko Trophy
Katya Lyashenko Certificate
Ajla Obic Certificate
Lejla Obic Certificate
George Vinen Certificate
Jenny Dao Certificate
Athrva Shah Certificate
Aijo Chungan Certificate
Alan Chungan Certificate

Mayson Lewis Certificate
Kayden Lewis Certificate
Jayden Dzidek Certificate
Phaelan Pride Trophy
Georgia Moore Trophy
Joshua White Certificate
Bhavish Naveen Kumar Certificate
Aryan Patel Certificate

Aisha Redman Trophy
Somiah Ainsworth Certificate
Lani McKee Certificate
William Cahill Certificate
Cooper Greenhill Certificate
Ryan Irvine Certificate
Thomas MacPherson Certificate
Danica Pizzino Certificate
Lara Harris Certificate
Callum Terry Trophy
Chelsea Pizzino Trophy
Isabella Catlin Trophy
Luke Ellis Certificate
Timothy Corry Certificate
Madison Greenhill Certificate
Marnie Macrae Certificate
Melanie Waterman Certificate
Owen Challen Certificate
Brooke Challen Certificate

Annais Garvey Certificate
Noah Hodge Certificate
Natasha Ting Certificate
Ella Jay Skewes Certificate
Isabelle Spry Certificate
Lucas Maghair Certificate
Daniel Brown Certificate
Jodie Vong Certificate
Elle McGowan Certificate
Noah Maghiar Trophy
William Anthony Trophy
Eddie Gabrielson Trophy
Lucas Vong Trophy
Bella Gabrielson Trophy
Carter King Certificate
Rhys Lacey-Searles Certificate
Harrison Smith Certificate

Scott Black Trophy
Emma Black Trophy
Sadik Sulic Trophy
Maya Kosevic Certificate
Kajin Samadi Certificate
Aidyn Verhouven Certificate
Abdul Bagbag Trophy
Niyati Narula Trophy
Tia Keane Certificate
Ben Coleman Certificate
Annika Hendroff Certificate
Naman Narula Certificate

Tabetha Pamment winners
Riley Herriott winners
Adam Kapp Certificate
Eden Byleveld Certificate
Jack Walden Certificate

The inaugural Dave King Memorial Championship turned out to be an outstanding event. My personal thanks to each and every one of you he helped make it a special day. There are too many people for me to thank personally.
A big thank you to Mitchell Johnson, my son in-law, who in spite of his busy schedule attended the event and made this 1st tournament a memorable experience for parents and participants alike.

Finally enjoy your Christmas break and we will see you all back next February.

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