Minoru Mochizuki – 10th Dan

Minoru Mochizuki Kancho was born in Shizuoka in 1907 and died in France in 2003. His family moved to Tokyo where at the age of five he began to study Judo and Kendo. In 1924

  • Teruo Sano

Teruo Sano – 9th Dan

Teruo Sano Sensei's Martial Arts experience dates back over 50 years. His qualifications include 9th Dan in karate and 7th Dan in jujutsu. He is also an expert in a multitude of traditional martial art

  • Branco Bratich

Branco Bratich – OAM 8th Dan Kyoshi

Branco Bratich, 8th Dan Kyoshi, is the Chief Instructor for Yoseikan Ryu Karate Australia. He was appointed this position in 1989 by Teruo Sano. In March 1998 Branco earned one of karate's greatest honours. He

  • Hani

Hani Zahra – 5th Dan

Hani Zahra 5th Dan, is the NSW Chief Instructor of Yoseikan Ryu Karate. He is a Primary School Principle with over 20 years experience in Karate Do. Hani first met Branco in 1989 when he

  • Adam Camuglia

Adam Camuglia – 5th Dan

Adam Camuglia joined Yoseikan in November 1978 at the age of seven. He was the youngest of a small group of children and adults to form the first Yoseikan club at the Hainsworth Recreation Centre,

  • Jessica Bratich

Jessica Bratich-Johnson – 2nd Dan

Jessica Bratich-Johnson was born to compete. One of her earliest memories was seeing her father Branco Bratich win the 1985 National Heavyweight title. She said to her father, "Daddy win for me." These few words

  • Heather Healy

Heather Healy – 2nd Dan

Heather commenced her training in 1975. She originally studied under Jan de Jong in Perth. She changed to Yoseikan Ryu Karate when Sensei Yoshiaki Unno was invited by Jan de Jong to teach karate in

  • Kellie Shimmings

Kellie Shimmings – 2nd Dan

Kellie Shimmings has been practising karate since she was 11 years of age. She was the first Australian karate woman to win a silver medal at the World Games. It is not surprising that Kellie

  • Nicole Bridgeman

Nicole Bridgeman – 2nd Dan

Nicole Bridgeman has risen to the pinnacle of kata in Australia. On Sunday 10th August 2008 Nicole became West Australia's first National Senior Kata champion. This title had eluded her since she was 16 years