Yoseikan-Ryu Karate: The Choice School for Kids Martial Arts in Perth

Are you looking for a program that teaches kid’s martial arts in Perth? Whether you are seeking a fun, physically-engaging activity for your child, or are looking for a martial arts school specifically, know that you have come to the right place with Yoseikan-Ryu Karate. Our school has eight locations throughout the Perth area and has been operating since 1978. We can help you find the right place for your kids to experience the benefits and joys of martial arts.

The Importance of Martial Arts Classes for Kids

There are a lot of reasons that martial arts is beneficial or ‘important’ for kids. Children who go through our courses at Yoseikan-Ryu Karate learn more than just martial arts. Here are only a few of the gains our students make in our kid-focused martial arts courses:

  • Physical benefits: In an increasingly screen-focused world, it can be challenging to find a way for kids to get exercise in a way that challenges them, engages them and thrills them. Martial arts is the exception. In karate classes, your kids will love getting active—and will reap the physical health benefits that come as a result.
  • Attention span: Martial arts—even martial arts for children—requires a great deal of self-discipline. Your child will learn how to sit still, how to focus on learning and mastering key concepts, and how to lengthen their attention span. Parents often tell us how these benefits convert to stronger performance at school.
  • Greater confidence: Confidence and self-image are two of the things that we teach at Yoseikan-Ryu Karate. Our students build their social skills, learn how to stand up for themselves and become more comfortable in their own skin—all factors that will benefit them for years to come.

Tips Regarding Kids Martial Arts in Perth

As you look for a martial arts school for kids here in Perth, keep these tips in mind to help you find the right spot for your child to learn martial arts:

  • Focus on fun: Quality of training matters, but for kids, the most important thing is often fun. If kids aren’t enjoying the experience of learning karate, they aren’t going to want to come back class after class. At Yoseikan-Ryu Karate, we focus on creating martial arts classes that balance a fun, safe and supportive learning environment with the hallmarks of effective, elite training.
  • Look for an experienced school: The martial arts instructors who know how to work with kids are the ones who have been training kids for years. Yoseikan-Ryu Karate has been operating since 1978, and we have used those 40-plus years to perfect and master the art of teaching martial arts for children.
  • Find the right facility: The environment in which martial arts training takes place matters. It sets the tone for each class, determines certain safety factors and more. At Yoseikan-Ryu Karate, our modern facilities, spacious training areas and well-equipped gymnasiums are the ideal spots for kids martial arts training.

Why Yoseikan-Ryu Karate Is Cost-Effective

The confidence, discipline, physical strength, social skills and mental acuity that students gain with Yoseikan-Ryu Karate makes martial arts for kids truly priceless. These benefits will continue to impact your son or daughter for years to come, into their teenage years and well into adulthood. To enrol in one of our courses for kid’s martial arts in Perth, contact us today.