Empower Your Child With Classes For Kids Self-defence in Perth

Our karate training facilities offer kid’s self-defence in Perth, where we train youngsters in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Kids Self-Defence in Perth

Our self-defence program teaches character, confidence, self-control, integrity and perseverance. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure an excellent experience for your child:

  • A program which is not age appropriate: This could break a child’s spirit when the program is too advanced as they will struggle to achieve.
  • The selected program has an aggressive approach: Aggression is not a quality we instil in our students, rather self-discipline and self-control.
  • Rushing technique: Your child will learn valuable techniques which enable your child to be more assertive without being abrasive, don’t rush them, nor their instructor, allow them to develop the techniques fully.

Our traditional approach helps us our students to develop to be mature in their self-defence approach.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Self-Defence for Kids

Try these tips to improve the experience for your child:

  • Chat with the Sensei: A pre-visit before enrolment is good to meet the people into whose hands you will place your child. Be sure that you and your child are comfortable with them.
  • Realistic expectations: The process may seem slow in the beginning as everything is new, once the basic skills and techniques have been mastered, it‘s easy to build from there. Be patient and help your child to be patient.
  • Reward correctly: Participation does not warrant reward, effort does, and that is how we praise our students.

Why Yoseikan-Ryu Karate is Cost Effective

Equip your child for life, allow them to develop into a successful self-assured adult. Contact us to find out more about our self-defence classes for kids.