Teruo Sano – 9th Dan

Teruo Sano

Teruo SanoTeruo Sano Sensei’s Martial Arts experience dates back over 50 years. His qualifications include 9th Dan in karate and 7th Dan in jujutsu. He is also an expert in a multitude of traditional martial art weapons. Sano Sensei portrays an image of a man with inner strength, patience and understanding.

Sano Sensei can still remember his first karate lesson. He was only seven years of age at the time. His instructor’s name was Baba Sensei. Karate was still in its infancy in Japan. He started karate because he wanted to be strong. Little did he know at that time that karate would dominate his life so completely.

“My inspiration comes from my students” stated Sano Sensei, when interviewed by The Australasian Fighting Magazine in 1990. “I’m past the stage of having older instructors to look up to.”

Sano Sensei has two reasons for teaching internationally. The first is to develop Yoseikan and the second is for East and West tosano_01 gain a better understanding of each other and their cultures. Ignorance breads fear and understanding develops mutual respect and friendship.

“Karate provides an opportunity for young people to develop personal communication skills. You cannot learn communication from a book.”

On his last trip to Australia Sano Sensei stated, “students should not only think of the physical benefits of karate. Karate has many subtle benefits. Look below the surface. Anyone can kick and punch. It is discovering one’s inner strength that is the essence of karate. Students must be prepared to open their minds.”

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