Tiny Tots Karate

Your kids will love Tiny Tots Karate!

Tiny Tots Karate

We all know that toddlers and pre-schoolers have energy to burn. What better way to help them use up all that seemingly boundless energy than with Tiny Tots Karate?

Taught by our senior karate instructors, Tiny Tots Karate combines karate with energy-burning games and activities. Your child will have so much fun while you get an hour to sit down and relax!

For more information about Tiny Tots Karate, please get in touch via our Contact Form or please refer to our schedule to see when a class is running.

Why Karate for Pre-Schoolers?

Some people may wonder if martial arts is appropriate for toddlers and pre-schoolers but if you look beyond the self-defence aspect of karate, it’s a fantastic activity for small children. Karate also teaches many valuable lessons that children can take home, such as building self-esteem, persevering and discipline. Yoseikan’s Tiny Tots Karate classes blends elements of karate that is suitable for little people with high-energy games. There’s no time for your child to get bored as our littlest students are moved from one fun activity to another.

Tiny Tots Karate classes are in the morning. Please refer to this timetable.